Jeff Liebenson is a leader in media, technology and entertainment law, with extensive expertise in digital entertainment, international and intellectual property law. He has more than 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry.  

Jeff is President of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers.

New York University School of Law, LL.M., Trade Regulation, 1982

New York University School of Law, J.D., 1978

University of California, Berkeley, A.B., 1975

Trinity College

Memberships and Associations
President of the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers

Trustee of the Copyright Society of the USA

American Bar Association, Entertainment ADR Committee

Practice Areas
Entertainment and Media

Digital Entertainment


Intellectual Property




Liebenson Law
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I have appeared in

"Artist Advocacy Takes Centre Stage at Midem 2018 During Value Gap Event Presented by Music Canada and IAEL"
Music Canada, June 7, 2018
Jeff moderated a panel on artist advocacy and the value gap.

"MidemLab Startup Music Competition"
Midem, June 2018
Jeff cited for his involvement in MidemLab for emerging technology companies in entertainment media.

"Midem Summits Address Key Issues Facing Artists in the Digital World"
MidemNews, June 2018
Jeff was mentioned regarding the value gap and the new IAEL book.

"Get Your Hack on at the SXSW Hackathon"
SXSW, March 13, 2018
Jeff cited as a judge at the SXSW hackathon regarding emerging technology in entertainment media.

"Industry Page Turners: Books Being Read by Music Business Major Players"
Medium, February 14, 2018
Jeff discusses the IAEL's annual books.

"Canadian Music Week Announces CMW Startup Launch Pad, A Competition for New Music Businesses"
Music Connection, February 6, 2018
Jeff's participation in the CMW Startup Launch Pad is announced.

"Legal Summit Focuses on Technology"
MidemNews, June 2017
Jeff discusses the IAEL Legal Summit at Midem.

"Get Rich or Die Trying: How Musicians' Estates Are the Biggest Earners in Pop"
The Guardian, September 29, 2016
Jeff discusses his work representing the estates of legendary music artists.

"Publishers and PROs Slam DOJ Licensing Ruling"
Music Week, July 1, 2016
Jeff discusses the music publishing industry's reaction to the Department of Justice's decision on the ASCAP/BMI consent decrees.

"Brexit and International Entertainment Law"
Digital Media Wire, June 28, 2016
Jeff discussed Brexit's potential impact on international entertainment law.

"Summit Helps Delegates Through Legal Minefield"
Midem News, June 2016
Jeff discusses the IAEL Legal Summit presentation at Midem.

"MidemLab Announces Innovators Finalists"
Music Connection, April 27, 2016
Jeff's participation in MidemLab is announced.

"Canadian Music Week Adds Music Startup Launch Pad", January 26, 2016
Report of Jeff's selection to serve as a judge for CMW's Music Startup Launch Pad.

"Streaming Poised for Mainstream Growth"
The Official Midem News, June 2015
Jeff proposed strategies to grow the market for streaming services and increase their artist royalty payments.

"Things Seen and Heard at Midem 2015 (Part 2): US Copyright, Vivendi, IAO..."
Legrand Network, June 16, 2015
Emmanuel Legrand covers Jeff's Industry Talks panel at Midem, "The International Impact of Copyright Reforms in the USA"

"The Report--Apple Music Exclusive"
Music Ally, June 10, 2015
Jeff is interviewed on the launch of Apple Music.

"America's Great Awakening"
Amsterdam Dance Event, November, 2014
Jeff discusses the qualities of the EDM business that set it apart from the rest of the music industry.

"Two CMJ Panels Tackle Nuanced, Important (and Dry) Entertainment Law"
Billboard, October 28, 2014
Coverage of Jeff's panel, "Cross Border Digital Rights."

"21st Century Artist Contracts"
Music Ally, September 3, 2014
Jeff comments on artist contracts and key evolving issues regarding them.

"Special Feature: 14 Things to Watch at MIDEM 2014"
Billboard, January 29, 2014
Jeff is cited among Midem highlights for his workshop on "Digital Rights and Cross-Border Issues."

"ELI Triumphs Again"
Texas Entertainment and Sports Law Journal, Spring 2013
Jeff participated in a panel on international music licensing.

"Can the Law Keep Up with Technology?"
MIPCOM News, October 8, 2013
Jeff Liebenson discusses the new challenges in television deal-making raised by recent technological developments.

"Social TV Apps: Second Screen is What You'd Call a Lawyer's Paradise"

The Guardian, October 8, 2013
Jeff Liebenson's MIPCOM panel on second screen issues in the television industry is discussed.

"Law of Averages: Music Lawyers Hold Court"
Music Ally, September 4, 2013
Jeff Liebenson comments on key current challenges in music licensing.

"CES: TV Execs, CE Players Talk Smart TV Deals: Business Models for Getting Content onto Smart TVs Remain in Flux"
Broadcasting and Cable, January 10, 2013
Jeff Liebenson comments on licensing content for smart TVs.

"Copyrights and Consumers On Trial: Takeaways From The Entertainment and Technology Law Conference", September 14, 2012
Jeff Liebenson moderates panel on digital rights regarding cloud computing and digital lockers.

"Digital Deal Making Trends in the TV Industry"
MIPblog, April 3, 2012
Jeff Liebenson leads panel on emerging deal making trends in digital television.

"Legal Hot Topics Central to Future of Entertainment"
Midem News, January 30, 2012
Jeff Liebenson discusses the increasing importance of international legal developments to the music industry.

"Getting Music in China @ CMJ"
The Daily Rind, October 24, 2011
Jeff Liebenson discusses legal issues relating to the entertainment business in China.

"1 Billion Mobile Phones In China"
CMJ, October 19, 2011
Jeff Liebenson discusses music industry developments in China.

"Jeff Liebenson of IAEL"
Mobile Industry Review
, April 21, 2011
Jeff Liebenson interviewed regarding the trends in multi-platform television licensing.

"Jeff Liebenson: Negotiating Multi-Platform Licenses"
Miptrends, April 6, 2011
Jeff writes a guest post ahead of his mentoring session.

"MIDEM 2011: A Fine Music Business Conference. And Just A Little More", January 28, 2011
Jeff Liebenson participating in the idea marketplace at Midem.

"Future Of Music Business"
CMJ, October 20, 2010
Jeff Liebenson participates in a discussion of future developments in the music industry.

"Executive Turntable"
Billboard, Oct 16, 2010
Jeff Liebenson launches NY law practice, Liebenson Law.

"Music Attorney Jeff Liebenson Opens Practice", October 5, 2010
Music attorney Jeff Liebenson has launched his own law practice, Liebenson Law.

"Also on the Leadership Front"
Digital Media News
, May 30, 2010
Jeff is noted as the IAEL's first American president as "part of a broader expansion."

"Amazon vs. Apple: Battle of the Books"
MSN Money, March 10, 2010
"Apple is the market leader in digital distribution of music and will use its know-how and technology to try to challenge Amazon's dominance in digital distribution of books," Jeff Liebenson says. This story notes that Jeff was involved in some of the early music industry negotiations with Apple.

"Jeff Liebenson is IAEL President", February 10, 2010

"Digital Rights Expert to Lead International Association of Entertainment Lawyers"
Digital Media Wire, February 4, 2010
Jeff Liebenson says "I am especially proud to be elected as the IAEL's first U.S. president as the organization expands its footprint and the scope of its activities."

"IAEL Elects Liebenson As President"
Billboard, Jan 26, 2010
The International Association of Entertainment Lawyers has elected entertainment attorney Jeff Liebenson as its new president.

"Keyser Passes IAEL Baton to Liebenson"
Midem News, January 25, 2010
Jeff Liebenson says, "The industry is facing unprecedented commercial opportunities and legal challenges in every segment of the media world." Eric Keyser, Jeff's predessor as IAEL president, adds, "It's great to have Jeff Liebenson as the first U.S. President of this organization."

"Comcast Suits Up for a Brand New Game"
E-Commerce Times, December 3, 2009
Jeff Liebenson opines that "the Comast-NBC Universal transaction is more than just a savvy deal for two companies pursuing disparate goals. This transaction highlights...the prospect of realizing the economic potential of digital content distribution."

"YouTube, Universal Hook Up for Music Video Site"
E-Commerce Times, April 10, 2009
Jeff Liebenson says the partnership between YouTube and Universal Music, which resulted in the new music video website Vevo, must offer consumers some added value for it to be competitive in this market.

"Scrutiny On and Off the Field of Play: Celebrity Fishbowl Extends to Athletes"
Washington Post, February 4, 2009
Regarding the revelations about Michael Phelps' bad publicity over apparently smoking marijuana, Jeff Liebenson says the proliferation of recording devices such as cellphones -- plus the ability to publish through social networks -- puts celebrities at enhanced risk of having their unguarded moments broadcast to the world.

"Liebenson Lays Down the Law"
Midem News, January 21, 2009
Jeff Liebenson's work with the International Association of Entertainment Lawyers—including his speaking engagement at the Midem conference in France about digital exploitation, rights management and hot legal issues in music publishing—is noted in this article.

"IAEL Takes Legal Look at Business"
Midem News, January 18, 2009
Jeff Liebenson's speech from the Midem conference, where he spoke on "Digital Exploitation: The Impact of Recent Legal Developments in Music Publishing," is quoted in this article.

"Where's the Money in User-Generated Content?", May 1, 2008
UGC has prompted an investment gold rush to rival that of the dot-com explosion of the mid-1990's," said Jeff Liebenson during a panel discussion at New York's Harvard Club, where executives from various corners of the interactive media world debated the issue.

"Daily Fishbowl DC", February 2, 2008
Jeff Liebenson's book "User-Generated Content: New Business Models and Legal Issues," is "a beacon for anyone following the sea change caused by the democratization of content creation across every major entertainment and information medium."

"Sue U"
VenusZine, Summer 2007
Jeff Liebenson is quoted regarding the record industry's targeting of students for illegal file-sharing.

"MPAA Suits Target Sites Linking to File-Sharers"
The Hollywood Reporter, June 28, 2007
Jeff Liebenson is quoted in a story examining the legal issues in the motion picture industry's litigations against and -- the first suits filed by the motion picture trade association against so-called linking sites, which do not host copyrighted material but provide links to third-party sites that offer film, TV and music clips.

"Google Trails in Search for Media Friends"
Financial Times, March 13, 2007
Jeff Liebenson is quoted in this article, which examines Google's need to form alliances with other players in the media industry to maximize its business possibilities.

"Downloading a File of Copyright Woes"
ABA Journal, March 2007
Jeff Liebenson is quoted on how federal law regarding technology lags behind technological developments.

"Barons Before Bedtime"
The New York Times, January 25, 2007
Jeff Liebenson is mentioned in this story about his son, Peter, who has an online candy business:

"The Today Show"
, January 12, 2007
Jeff Liebenson appears on NBC's The Today Show to comment on Cisco's claim against Apple regarding the iPhone.

"Universal, MySpace Set for Landmark Battle"

Financial Times, December 4, 2006
Jeff Liebenson is quoted regarding the effect of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act on sites such as YouTube and MySpace. "I think there's a tension between the law as written, and the law as intended. The DMCA was enacted in a very different era."

"Universal Music Sues MySpace Over Copyrights"
The Hollywood Reporter
, November 18, 2006
Jeff Liebenson is quoted regarding whether content owners or online users should monitor content infringement.

"Good Morning America"
ABC, November 13, 2006
Jeff Liebenson speaks about potential lawsuits against Sacha Baron Cohen as "Borat" on ABC's Good Morning America.

"Guilt or Innocence?"
ABC News Now, May 8, 2006
Jeff Liebenson appears on ABC's News Now to discuss the trademark case of Apple Corps v. Apple Computer.

"Still Fighting for the Right to His Voice"
The New York Times, January 20, 2006
Jeff Liebenson is quoted regarding how Tom Waits' assertions of his rights help to develop the law regarding name and likeness rights.

"Will Mobile Phones Dethrone the iPod Eventually?"
Dow Jones Online Retail Report, February 4, 2005
Jeff Liebenson is quoted regarding potential developments in the mobile distribution industry.

"Sour Notes Jar Hopes for Cellphone Music Transfers"
The New York Times, January 25, 2005
Jeff Liebenson is quoted regarding negotiating agreements for the mobile distribution of entertainment content.

"Legal Matters: As Music Biz Changes, Lawyers' Roles Grow"
Billboard, March 20, 2004
As the industry undergoes an "ultimate makeover," lawyers' roles continue to expand.

"The New Dealmakers"
Billboard, February 4, 2004
Jeff Liebenson is quoted regarding issues arising in digital dealmaking.

"Legal Matters: Interest Heightens for Music Publishing Assets"
Billboard, November 15, 2003
Jeff Liebenson says, "With several companies being in play at once, this has opened the door to many nontraditional investors considering making offers, often in conjunction with noted former industry leaders."


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